April’s Fools Masquerade Ball Party

Since April’s Fool is under-celebrated in the US and many European countries, let’s invite a bunch of fun friends and party, make it an April’s Fools Masquerade ball!

But why?

Because the web sources claim that “..we need to fool… the evil spirits so they won’t interfere with fertility during this spring mating season…”. OK but that sounds more like the Valentine Masquerade Party we just had. Okay then, let’s move on to the next opportunity, this time like fooling something or someone. And to put it in relatively comprehensive way, Valentine was true romance, while this one is about romantic craziness and fooling around. Let’s keep our options open for now.

One is to think about playing pranks to our friends for example, showing them how much we love is in the air. A mild one would be to sending a silly English-French garble invitation on funny postcards. A heavier one would be to inviting them to this party venue, address included. They get there, find the “out of business” sort of thing in the window, and think this is a really, really bad joke. But of course we’re giggling in hiding close by, waiting in a mini-van, best case a limousine with champagne to assuage their bad vibrations; because it is OK to be mischievous but never hold a grudge or seek revenge. I know it’s easy to say when we are not the fooled ones. Back to our prank, choose a location close to the house, or you’ll have to drive a lot, to bring them home, to the actual April’s Fool Masquerade Party. Once home, if you want it to have a French flavor, serve fish in jelly to the grown-ups and fool the kinds with lookalike “cookie” French fries, “sunny side up egg” or “ice cream” cup cakes. Do we want to have the party in a bus instead? That would be a lighter but super-fun prank.

But let us look at what professionals do, like harlequins, clowns or even media. Does the association sound demeaning to the latter? No, it’s not meant to be, quite contrary, look at one sample of what they could do.                         

Thatcher-Gorbachev Romance.

Picture6Picture8The Daily Mirror broke the news of a romance blossoming between Margaret Thatcher and Mikhail Gorbachev, during Thatcher’s tour of the Soviet Union,… with photos of the two world leaders sitting together in Moscow’s Gorky Park, with Thatcher tenderly tickling Gorbachev under his chin, as well as the two walking arm in arm, and even sneaking a kiss.

We are going to move quickly away from this sample though because there is nothing to recommend for a costume, from the notable two. Actually we are moving away and on higher grounds, if we consider Charlie Chaplin’s “I remain just one thing, and one thing only — and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician.” We reckon that this quote holds a great potential for speculations about politicians’ rederick. They were softening the drama (to be clear this applies to clowns now) in the intermezzo of the Greek plays, entertaining the nobility as jesters and circus goers as clowns and mimes; gradually the term “clown” made its way into the households’ common language, preponderously  used on men. This last assertion seems to be gender biased, but the truth is that there is no source citing a feminist movement claiming the extension of the appellative to them. And talking about pranksters, here is a serious one, Barnum, the well-known circus owner. When he was just 25 years old he purchased an old African-American slave who claimed to be 160 years old and to have been the nurse of George Washington. Did he present her to the public on the Fool’s Day? Not only, he exhibited her every day and making about $1,500 a week in New York and New England. That’s what we would call a good, yearlong prank.

The harlequins evolved from being the depressing emissaries of the devil in the 12th century to the comedic figures in the improvised street performances of the 16th century. They now play tricks on the stage but apparently could also afford to play them with their spectators, worry free from the danger of lawsuits. Their fame as tricksters and acrobats increased and the latter capability implies physical agility which they used to increase their income by advertising for the big games such as badminton, tennis and baseball. Sounds weird?

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Let’s start the game of best April’s Fools prank idea and let us know yours.

Now, take a look at our recommendations for the masquerade attire. Best for these occasion would be related to a cirque theme in red since it’s about mad love, be it silly for the day and non-silly for the other days during the year. See more of our collection under tag April’s Fool Masquerade Party. Everybody is invited to join, adults, kids and let’s not forget about pets!

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