What Are Your Choices for Dream Halloween Costumes?

A Theme for Halloween Celebration Let’s say that one of the trendy Halloween costumes this year is Morpheus, a purporter of dreams instead of death. We had chosen him from his family, instead of his uncle Thanatos, the deity of death in Greek mythology. How did we come up with this Morpheus idea for a fun halloween […]

A Halloween Story – What Ghosts, Devils and Fairies Don’t Have in Common

A welcome observation from one of our readers triggers this blog on the distinction between the Fae and Devil. Indeed, the Devil is actually the antithesis of God, while the Ghosts could be only Spirits of the Dead or Fairies. While the Devil wants us to sin, the Ghost is haunting our lives and the […]

What Halloween has in common with Aztecs, Irish and Religion?

There seem to be three mainstream historical trends that led to today’s Halloween party fun: two ethnic, the Irish and Aztec, and one religious, the Catholicism. The Irish, that is the ancient Gaels, were scouting Europe and made themselves known all the way to Greece and Egypt, before the First Millennium. Medieval Irish pseudo-histories mention […]