Masquerade Ball Wedding Ideas

    We did our wedding planning right and it all came true to it. Almost every anniversary we are watching our wedding movies and photos with renewed emotions. Thinking retrospectively though, we missed something: the masquerade wedding party fun.

But what could we have done? Get everybody to wear masks or just us? Not in the church though, right? But how about a full Venetian mask on the Mystery Bride and Groom, coming out of their separate limousines? These would be good photos, or videos! Shall we have the masquerade masks at the after party instead? We will be giving the masks to our guests, right? And are we, the Bride and the Groom, going to wear a costume, impersonate a character that we do not want to be in our "start up" marriage? Or, one that looks marvelous as a promise for the goodness to come? Just imagine the fun and the freebie photos and video!

Let us have a look at our selection. Thinking about a couple of masks instead of just one?  Changing them during the dinner to entertain or keep everybody looking our way? We have also included some Décor, those little things that enliven the atmosphere at the table or even of the whole wedding place, if need be.

There are beautiful selections of masks in white and silver in a category Masks for Women. Grooms will find their choices in category Masks for Men. These are picked just for your planning of a masquerade wedding because of their most popular motifs, design, quality and value. Costumes for Women opens up creative options for the party into the wedding night!

The wedding is one of the most memorable events of our lives; the more inspiring and romantic, the better!

By the way, we will be “recovering” from the missed opportunity of masquerade fun at the wedding with the occasion of renewing our vowels. We plan on having a photo and video session wearing masks thereafter; more good memories to our trove.

Please share with us your masquerade ball wedding ideas and let us know if you need anything in particular.


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