2015 Jareth Labyrinth Masquerade Ball at Biltmore Hotel

In our previous blog we provided information on the ownership change of the Legendary Park Plaza and possible restoration projects that may affect its availability for this year’s largest masquerade ball party in Los Angeles. It turns out that it did but the Biltmore location is one class higher in terms of architecture, location, interior decoration, services and safety than the former. We hope that the number of venues available there is at least the same as the ones at the Legendary Park Plaza.

To get excited about the location of this year’s masquerade ball we wanted to find out if the name Biltmore has any meaning. Paraphrasing the information provided by http://www.nameslike.com/ (a good place to find significance in names, a fun and meaningful way of deciding on a good one for a baby to come) we imply that those attending this year’s event:

(B) are sensitive and get happy when they have harmony (true),
(I) are “…artsy and creative, with a great eye for everything from fashion to composition (wow! that’s what we would call hitting it right in the head),
(L) like to experience life and be tolerant of others (that’s what we call a good crowd and etiquette),
(T) “…get excitement from all that is new (another good one, we are excited to experience this new masquerade ball location. We know how nice the hotel is, admired the architecture, had drinks at the bar and listened to piano jazz player),
(M) have the reputation of a workhorse because they stay healthy without “…needing much sleep…” (we would agree that being a workhorse thus partying hard is a good thing but not sleeping much is in the eye of the beholder),
(O) “…feel things very deeply and are sensitive…” (There is something about jealousy being bad for one’s system. In order to avoid being jealous about someone else’s…masquerade costume, buy the best money can buy. And hurry-up because there aren’t too many available.),
(R) have a “…strong inner life [that] is vibrant and shines outwards...[which is a] source of inspiration to others (Right, that’s why we are going, to get inspired on our quest for good fun),
(E) are sensual, enthusiastic and love to have fun. (True, but listen to this one) “Falling in love comes easy to you and kinda happens often” (Indeed, we are a happy couple and keep falling in love with each other. This masquerade ball party sounds like a great opportunity as well for those presently single or planning to become one, for a while).

Ample information about the history of the Millennium Biltmore in Los Angeles could be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millennium_Biltmore_Hotel. What we learned from it was that the Galleria and the Crystal ballrooms were hand painted in 1922 by an Italian artist who also did work on the Vatican and White House; so his work is the common ground between religion and government, isn’t that interesting? The other interesting thing is that the Gold Room still has hidden liquor compartments from the Prohibition-era. We do not know (if there is still liquor in those bottles) exactly what rooms will be available for the Jareth masquerade ball party but we’ll try to find out.
In the meanwhile, please consider our best masquerade costume selections for this event.

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