Saving Venice for Masquerade Ball Carnivals

Scientists had determined that Venice is sinking, and was from the very beginning, due to its foundation on low lying marshlands. Nowadays however, about 0.04”/year is attributed to its foundation and about 0.39”/year, about ten times more, due to human activities such as building conservation and reconstruction. If these numbers are added to the Northern Adriatic sea level rising by another 0.04”/year, due to global warming, one can arrive at the conclusion that Venice would be inhabitable by the year 2100. And if that happens, Arrivederci to the Masquerade Ball Carnevale. In the meanwhile we’ll only have to face the floods from tuhe tidal waves, hopefully not at the time of the yearly celebration. (See link to for photo).


The good news about the future of the city and our Masquerade Ball fun in Venice is that starting in 2016, a system of movable gates will be installed to protect the city from high tides. In regards to the city getting under the sea level, the architects had conceived a wall of buildings around the island to slow down its progression.

Venice Sinking 2





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