50 Shades of Green for St. Patrick’s Day Masquerade Party Fun

Do we want to miss a Masquerade Ball party opportunity on St. Patrick’s Day, perhaps in more than 50 shades of green? Let’s see what this green fun is about.

The St. Patrick Day celebration started as a religious one in Ireland and, according to academic sources, became a “celebratory affair” in some of the big US cities. One of them was New York which also hosted the first St. Patrick’s Day parade in 1762. It may be that the Leprechaun fairy was adopted from the Irish folklore for the sake of having fun at parties and parades. The Leprechaun was a “not wholly good nor wholly evil” mischievous fairy. The legend describes him as a shoe maker who has stashed away a small treasure of gold coins earned from his trade. Where did he hide it? At the end of the rainbow; where else would a fairy hide something like that? And thus, he is to be hunted, if not for his golden coins but for his magic powers of granting three wishes to the captor, of course, in exchange for his release. How does he look? He’s an old man, not taller than a kid who wears a green costume, as in the Irish flag color, and a mane of red hair and thick beard under the hat.

So, what all of the above has to do with the masquerade party? Let’s take a leap frog in time, geography, season’s temperatures and masquerade fashion, to find out. The St. Patrick’s Day is loaded with masquerade party ideas for costume of fairies in bright colors, fun conversation, mischievous but harmless pranks-if you will-and granting wishes games. For this occasion, we present our picks in our St. Patrick’s Day Costume Gallery, all in shimmering shades of green.

Kids would love to be caught and hear what your wishes are. Whether they can fulfill them or not that’s another story, but a parent should keep trying. With teenagers and grownups, it is a bit more complicated. A lady could catch someone and say “I got you, give me the golden coins!”, “Naah”, the Leprechaun-like would say, “if you take the coins, the rainbow colors will fade. I’d better grant you three wishes and you let me go.” The lady will take the deal, but as it happens in some movies, he may not want to go since he liked what she wished for. Obviously, this Leprechaun is a special one since his kind is known for not wanting to be associated with a female. But this is a New Age Leprechaun, in a masquerade party setting, with at least 50 shades of green in the costumes…or his mind, if you know what we mean.

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