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Why Steampunk Masquerade Party on New Year?

Because Steampunk stems from a New Era, the Victorian one which  brought major changes in morals, fashion and technology.  Let’s see what happened in that New Era and how does it relate to our Steampunk fun. In morals and etiquette, Victorian strict social conduct dictated that the clothing of the man should be serious, which […]

2015 “Venice is Sinking” Masquerade Ball

U.S. West Coast has their own Masquerade Ball in honor of “Sinking Venice”.  Enjoy while you can! But we will not allow this because we want to celebrate Venetian tradition for generations to come.Most recent event took place on February 21st, 2015. Watch for one next year. It’s a unique party in Seattle, Washington. The party recreated Venetian style […]

Saving Venice for Masquerade Ball Carnivals

Scientists had determined that Venice is sinking, and was from the very beginning, due to its foundation on low lying marshlands. Nowadays however, about 0.04”/year is attributed to its foundation and about 0.39”/year, about ten times more, due to human activities such as building conservation and reconstruction. If these numbers are added to the Northern […]

Masquerade Ball Wins Over Halloween?

We had analyzed the interest in the categories of the Masquerade, Mardi Gras, Venetian and Halloween masks. First, the chart shows the yearly search spikes coinciding with the Halloween (in October) and Mardi Gras (in February). Second, the trend shows the maximum interest for fun with Halloween masks in 2004 and the categories’ trend to […]

Masquerade Ball Wedding Ideas

    We did our wedding planning right and it all came true to it. Almost every anniversary we are watching our wedding movies and photos with renewed emotions. Thinking retrospectively though, we missed something: the masquerade wedding party fun. But what could we have done? Get everybody to wear masks or just us? Not in the […]