What Are Your Choices for Dream Halloween Costumes?

A Theme for Halloween Celebration Let’s say that one of the trendy Halloween costumes this year is Morpheus, a purporter of dreams instead of death. We had chosen him from his family, instead of his uncle Thanatos, the deity of death in Greek mythology. How did we come up with this Morpheus idea for a fun halloween […]

2015 Jareth Labyrinth Masquerade Ball Party – Get Ready!

Our January blog about the Labyrinth Masquerade Party not happening in 2015 was based on information about the Park Plaza Hotel ownership change. The change involved the repositioning and restoration of the property. We now know that the restoration will not start immediately, thus happy to announce that the two days of masquerade fun magic […]

50 Shades of Green for St. Patrick’s Day Masquerade Party Fun

Do we want to miss a Masquerade Ball party opportunity on St. Patrick’s Day, perhaps in more than 50 shades of green? Let’s see what this green fun is about. The St. Patrick Day celebration started as a religious one in Ireland and, according to academic sources, became a “celebratory affair” in some of the […]

2015 Jareth Labyrinth and KCRW Masquerade Balls-Will they happen?

In our previous 2014 KCRW Masquerade Ball & Legendary Parties post we presented information about the Legendary Park Plaza venue in Los Angeles and our own experience at the 2014 Masquerade Ball. We are now in the possession of the information that “DCGG Park Plaza, owners of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, have just entered into […]