What Are Your Choices for Dream Halloween Costumes?

A Theme for Halloween Celebration

Let’s say that one of the trendy Halloween costumes this year is Morpheus, a purporter of dreams instead of death. We had chosen him from his family, instead of his uncle Thanatos, the deity of death in Greek mythology. How did we come up with this Morpheus idea for a fun halloween masquerade party? Well, because we want to celebrate him as the messenger of the good dreams or deeds, some of which we want turned into reality as soon as we wake up, stretch, have coffee, breakfast, take a shower, etc. And since we cannot dress in nude, the way he is usually shown in paintings, we looked for something modern or futuristic, like Morpheus in the Matrix movie. Thus, we believe that either the morph or Morpheus Halloween costumes will do; the first are tight, shiny, colorful, good for dancing bump and other dancing encounters of a closer kind; the latter cover all, whatever is underneath.

And extending our talk about morphs to morphing, some of the top movers and shakers of songs and dancing, like Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys, N Sync, and Madonna, had used morphing visuals in their performances. The morphing occurs as they change one outfits with another within a 3-4 minutes of video.many of Halloween costumes are we going to use in a six hour Halloween party? Are we going to extrapolate these numbers or just consider the possibility of a couple of them?  Another easy question to ask is if the morph costumes are good for any age between 8 and 88+? Just check them out; anything that you don’t want to show, get the Morpheus mantle and glasses from the Matrix movie.  For ladies we recommend the cape from the Blood Thirsty girl, or better yet the colorful, shiny capes hooded or not. Spice and embellish them up with fancy shoes, hats, then some nice adornments for the neck and wrist. And jumping to videos and Michael Jackson now, why not using his and the ghost like costumes from the “Thriller” piece?  The ghostly Halloween costumes will not only delight the grown-ups and the kids, but also scare the hell out of death. And yes, Michael Jackson like gloves, hats and shoes are also available. Get the imagination going, cross the line on the wild side, do not stop at one “canned” costume.



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