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Art Deco Masquerade Ball Party

Celebrate New Year in Art Deco Style! Last year we had the Steampunk, this year we’ll add the Art Deco Masquerade Party. Fashion wise, this is a dramatic change. The first keeps us rooted in techno fantasy, the second takes us on a flight over the glitz and jazz of life, the swirls of the nature […]

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Leapfrogging Prom Dress Code

From being held in school gymnasiums in the 30’s all the way to Susan Ford’s prom at the White House in the 70’s, there were some leapfrogging developments. (Let’s  not confuse organizational leapfrogging with the leap frog game; the latter is not allowed by the Prom etiquette :-)). Since that time, location wise, Proms got […]

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Saint Patrick’s Day Life Masquerade Ball

Saint Patrick’s Day and a party in the honor of his life? Hmm…sounds funny but it’s actually serious fun or (square) fun2. What we’re trying to do is to reenact Saint Patrick’s life. There are certainly historical facts, legends and those who write them. Let’s start the list of characters at the party with a historian endowed with […]

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Valentine’s Day Opera Masquerade Party

Valentine’s day celebrates the rainbow of love feelings between the family, lovers and friends. Let’s celebrate with chocolates, wine, champagne and dinners, fuzzy bears and lingerie. Turn this day into the happiest after the New Year, and just another relationship celebration with a kiss, hug, a masquerade party and last but not least a gift. […]

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10 Fun Ideas for Your Ultimate Holiday Party Event

Want to have a fabulous Christmas or New Year’s Holiday Party? It is not all about food and drink but the theme, characters, music and added fun games and dancing. As we approach the holiday season your Holiday Party should be your ultimate event of the year. First, keep your guests happy with easy fancy dress costumes with an option from low-key to […]


What Are Your Choices for Dream Halloween Costumes?

A Theme for Halloween Celebration Let’s say that one of the trendy Halloween costumes this year is Morpheus, a purporter of dreams instead of death. We had chosen him from his family, instead of his uncle Thanatos, the deity of death in Greek mythology. How did we come up with this Morpheus idea for a fun halloween […]

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April’s Fools Masquerade Ball Party

Since April’s Fool is under-celebrated in the US and many European countries, let’s invite a bunch of fun friends and party, make it an April’s Fools Masquerade ball! But why? Because the web sources claim that “..we need to fool… the evil spirits so they won’t interfere with fertility during this spring mating season…”. OK […]

Who’s Who at the Valentine’s Masquerade Party?

Certainly the celebrity gods, mortals and saints whom we are inviting to get inspired and have fun. But why on the Valentine’s Day?  Because they are all intriguing characters that bring in their passionate love stories and have a knack for partying. Moreover, the Romans have a stake in the tradition of celebrating fertility on […]

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Why Steampunk Masquerade Party on New Year?

Because Steampunk stems from a New Era, the Victorian one which  brought major changes in morals, fashion and technology.  Let’s see what happened in that New Era and how does it relate to our Steampunk fun. In morals and etiquette, Victorian strict social conduct dictated that the clothing of the man should be serious, which […]

A Halloween Story – What Ghosts, Devils and Fairies Don’t Have in Common

A welcome observation from one of our readers triggers this blog on the distinction between the Fae and Devil. Indeed, the Devil is actually the antithesis of God, while the Ghosts could be only Spirits of the Dead or Fairies. While the Devil wants us to sin, the Ghost is haunting our lives and the […]