2015 Jareth Labyrinth Masquerade Ball Party – Get Ready!

Our January blog about the Labyrinth Masquerade Party not happening in 2015 was based on information about the Park Plaza Hotel ownership change. The change involved the repositioning and restoration of the property. We now know that the restoration will not start immediately, thus happy to announce that the two days of masquerade fun magic will actually take place. So, let’s get ready for the 2015 Labyrinth Masquerade Party!

Where is the “Labyrinth” coming from? From the 1986 fantasy movie produced by George Lucas in which the teenage girl Sarah casts a bad spell that makes the Goblin creatures take her baby brother away. The King of Goblins, played by David Bowie, will give him back to her only if she makes it through a tricky labyrinth, to his castle,  in thirteen hours.  And why a Labyrinth Masquerade Ball? Because Sarah dreams about one in which Jareth sings and apparently falls in love with her. The fairytale triggers emotions, has drama, fun creatures, creative costumes and a happy ending; Sarah overcomes all the labyrinth obstacles and makes it in time at the palace to earn her baby brother back. The masquerade ball scene became a case study for fashion costumes and we, being passionate about them, handpicked some for the upcoming 2015 Jareth Labyrinth Masquerade Party. 

Jareth’s wears eight costumes throughout the movie and the one at the masquerade includes a black sparkly jacket, black tall boots, long, ragged cloaks, baggy shirt,  tight pants and a sickle-shaped pendant around the neck.  We found a version of the Goblin King costume at the fun loving tailor Stichkateer who quotes Jareth’s “I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave." Sarah did not want Jareth as her slave, but we may want Stichkateer as one, just to get a nice fitting costume and a good bargain on top of it. And having secured the costume now, let’s complete Jareth impersonation with his signature wig and eye makeup.

Sarah, the actually loving sister, appears at the masquerade ball in a gorgeous white iridescent organza dress, a perpetual inspiration for the designers of bridal dresses. The gown’s voluminous puffed sleeves became a fashion trend - just search for Princess Diana’s wedding gown to see it.  We found a similar one to impersonate Sarah, made by RomanticThreads.  In addition to the array of costumes that you may note during the Masquerade Ball in Sarah’s dream scene, let’s not forget accessories that will enhance and add accents to the Labyrinth theme. We have original, handcrafted Sarah’s inspired Ballroom and Peach headpieces and creative addition for a Victorian style such as Lace Necklace and Steam Fantasy Cuff by Vilindery.

There is also a bunch of fun puppet creatures in the movie which could serve as inspiration for kids costumes like Ludo - the friendly, cowardly beast, Sir Didymus - the foxy control freak dog, and last but not least Ambrosius - Sarah’s brave sheep dog. The talented Deconstructress had created a unique family of similar characters for a kids’ masquerade party.

We hope that we inspired you with the selection of costumes and accessories created by a community of the talented designers and craft artists. See you at the Park Plaza Hotel for the Jareth XVIII Labyrinth Masquerade Ball party.


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