A Halloween Story – What Ghosts, Devils and Fairies Don’t Have in Common

A welcome observation from one of our readers triggers this blog on the distinction between the Fae and Devil. Indeed, the Devil is actually the antithesis of God, while the Ghosts could be only Spirits of the Dead or Fairies. While the Devil wants us to sin, the Ghost is haunting our lives and the Fairy are minding their business by partying in the deep woods; they wear the finest clothing and dance to music tunes not common to the human ears. Only if a human stumbles by mistake into their realm, he or she becomes captive for eternal life! The victim gradually dehumanizes though, which is not a good thing, and attempts to escape before it is too late.

Consequently, we like both ideas of the Fae dressing well and partying and that of the Irish partying and wearing masks to hide from, not scare, the Fae. Both ideas are conductive to rather a fancy masquerade costume than a horror one. In the context of the party, let the dancing and fun humanize us all, Fairies included (they seem to be pretty beautiful creatures).




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