What Halloween has in common with Aztecs, Irish and Religion?

There seem to be three mainstream historical trends that led to today’s Halloween party fun: two ethnic, the Irish and Aztec, and one religious, the Catholicism. The Irish, that is the ancient Gaels, were scouting Europe and made themselves known all the way to Greece and Egypt, before the First Millennium. Medieval Irish pseudo-histories mention […]

2015 Jareth Labyrinth Masquerade Ball at Biltmore Hotel

In our previous blog we provided information on the ownership change of the Legendary Park Plaza and possible restoration projects that may affect its availability for this year’s largest masquerade ball party in Los Angeles. It turns out that it did but the Biltmore location is one class higher in terms of architecture, location, interior […]

Masquerade Ball Costume Ideas – Be a ROCKoco Star!

Some of the present day masquerade ball costumes have been inspired by extravagant personalities in history. One of them is the famous 18th century Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, a flashy, fashion addicted personality and lover of fun and parties. Her excesses fitted well with the monarchy in general, but not with the masses. With […]

2015 Jareth Labyrinth Masquerade Ball Party – Get Ready!

Our January blog about the Labyrinth Masquerade Party not happening in 2015 was based on information about the Park Plaza Hotel ownership change. The change involved the repositioning and restoration of the property. We now know that the restoration will not start immediately, thus happy to announce that the two days of masquerade fun magic […]

50 Shades of Green for St. Patrick’s Day Masquerade Party Fun

Do we want to miss a Masquerade Ball party opportunity on St. Patrick’s Day, perhaps in more than 50 shades of green? Let’s see what this green fun is about. The St. Patrick Day celebration started as a religious one in Ireland and, according to academic sources, became a “celebratory affair” in some of the […]

2015 “Venice is Sinking” Masquerade Ball

U.S. West Coast has their own Masquerade Ball in honor of “Sinking Venice”.  Enjoy while you can! But we will not allow this because we want to celebrate Venetian tradition for generations to come.Most recent event took place on February 21st, 2015. Watch for one next year. It’s a unique party in Seattle, Washington. The party recreated Venetian style […]

Saving Venice for Masquerade Ball Carnivals

Scientists had determined that Venice is sinking, and was from the very beginning, due to its foundation on low lying marshlands. Nowadays however, about 0.04”/year is attributed to its foundation and about 0.39”/year, about ten times more, due to human activities such as building conservation and reconstruction. If these numbers are added to the Northern […]

2015 Jareth Labyrinth and KCRW Masquerade Balls-Will they happen?

In our previous 2014 KCRW Masquerade Ball & Legendary Parties post we presented information about the Legendary Park Plaza venue in Los Angeles and our own experience at the 2014 Masquerade Ball. We are now in the possession of the information that “DCGG Park Plaza, owners of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, have just entered into […]

2014 KCRW Masquerade Ball & Legendary Parties

The Legendary Park Plaza in Los Angeles has hosted two masquerade ball parties, lately, in June and October, every year, as far as we know. If you know more than we do, please share. The Legendary Park Plaza is an architectural neo-gothic landmark, built in 1925 by the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elk as […]

Masquerade Ball Wins Over Halloween?

We had analyzed the interest in the categories of the Masquerade, Mardi Gras, Venetian and Halloween masks. First, the chart shows the yearly search spikes coinciding with the Halloween (in October) and Mardi Gras (in February). Second, the trend shows the maximum interest for fun with Halloween masks in 2004 and the categories’ trend to […]